Public Diplomacy and Its Related Concept to Soft Power: Ecuadorian Commitment

  • Cevallos Stefany
doi: 10.32565/aarms.2022.1.4


This article addresses the Ecuadorian public diplomacy to the European audience. Public diplomacy is focused on soft power. Socialism of the 21st century background is mentioned in this paper with the aim of the construction of a country image to accelerate the local socio-economic development in the international arena. The conceptual framework of this research was designed to address this correlation between governance, and socio-economic development to contribute to our current understanding of the role of locality in public management and to describe the theory and practice of urban marketing as a greater engagement with Ecuadorian public diplomacy. Urban marketing is a fundamental support for these. Citizens, businesses, governments and employees are a policy priority due to the fact that cities are a key factor for the new industrial scenario to converge all segments of society. In addition, the paper briefly presents the highlight of the former president Rafael Correa Delgado as best national representative of soft power use in an Ecuadorian single country case study from a sociological spectrum. The methodology applied is both primary and secondary sources including various books in Spanish language, the Constitution of Ecuador, journal articles, Ecuadorian government reports and implementation plans.


public diplomacy soft power urban marketing governance public management

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Cevallos, S. (2022) “Public Diplomacy and Its Related Concept to Soft Power: Ecuadorian Commitment”, AARMS – Academic and Applied Research in Military and Public Management Science. Budapest, 21(1), pp. 47–60. doi: 10.32565/aarms.2022.1.4.


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