Israel Facing COVID-19

doi: 10.53116/pgaflr.2021.1.2


This paper considers Israel’s response to the challenges raised by the Covid-19 pandemic with a specific focus on the invoked public policies and the related political, economic and legal concerns. I first provide some background information. Then, I outline the keys for the initial success in confronting the coronavirus pandemic. Three factors contributed to the initial Israeli success, namely: the government’s swift and effective reaction to the pandemic; the close cooperation and coordination between the organisations that were mobilised to counter the pandemic, and the effective implementation of governmental policies. However, mistakes were made during the second wave of the pandemic.


COVID-19 health Israel pandemic public cooperation resourcefulness vaccination

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Cohen-Almagor, R. (2021). Israel Facing COVID-19. Public Governance, Administration and Finances Law Review, 6(1), 7–17.


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