Civil Service Law in Switzerland

Presentation Based on Federal Civil Service Law

  • Portmann Wolfgang
  • Holenstein Andreas
doi: 10.32575/ppb.2020.2.6


This article provides an overview of various areas of public personnel law, using the example of the Federal Personnel Act and the associated Ordinances, which apply to public employees of the Swiss Confederation. Nowadays, the public employment relationship is increasingly based on an employment contract and no longer on an order. Both fixed-term and open-ended employment relationships are permitted. In contrast to the private sector, a dismissal requires a sufficient cause. In addition to the establishment and termination of the employment relationship, the article examines numerous other areas such as wages, holidays, liability issues, the legal status of supreme civil servants and the pension system.


civil servants Federal Personnel Federal Personnel Act Federal Personnel Ordinance public employees public personnel law Swiss Confederation Switzerland


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