Public Perception of the Hungarian Local Government Reform

Results of an Empirical Study

doi: 10.53116/pgaflr.2022.2.3


Following a change of government in 2010, the Hungarian local government system underwent a period of significant transformation. The question of how it is viewed and the effects it may have are currently being debated. The centralising effort of the government had already become clear beyond a shadow of a doubt before the adoption of the Cardinal Act or the Fundamental Law (2011) itself. This was followed by the steps of the local government reform, which transferred many local government powers to the state. Municipalities lost influence over local public education institutions, municipal hospitals and many other areas. In this situation, where there was a significant loss of influence by local elites, it became an interesting question to what extent this changed society’s relationship with local government. Our comprehensive research has conducted a number of quantitative and qualitative studies to answer this question. Between 2016 and 2018, our research group had the opportunity to conduct four empirical studies to assess knowledge, attitudes and opinions related to local government. This paper presents and interprets the results of this research, and an important area of public attitudes towards local government, in particular with regard to the division of responsibilities between the state and municipalities.


local government empirical studies reform centralising efforts

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Badó, A., & Feleky, . G. (2023). Public Perception of the Hungarian Local Government Reform: Results of an Empirical Study. Public Governance, Administration and Finances Law Review, 7(2), 59–89.


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