From Fragments to Drafts

Hungarian Jurisprudence on Administrative Procedural Law until 1945


The paper aims to give a historical overview of the pre-codification of Hungarian administrative procedural rules. Therefore, the main stages and the main actors of an era that started with rules of fragmentary style and law books with ambiguous or a simple descriptive character regarding Hungarian administrative procedures are presented in the paper. The first part is devoted to a detailed examination of the origins of administrative law and administrative science until the end of the nineteenth century in Hungary. The second part of the paper provides an analysis of the Simplification Act, and the period of the first schemes for classification of administrative procedures (1901–1957) in Hungary. From this period, we should underline the appearance of the scientific school led by Zoltán Magyary and the preparations of the Administrative Procedural Code by József Valló.


Hungary administrative procedural law historical background

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