The Road to Nicopolis, Part 1.

The Route of the Crusade of 1396 through Hungary

doi: 10.32563/hsz.2020.2.10


In the past decades, or even during the last hundred years, many books and articles have been published on the Crusade in 1396 and on the Battle of Nicopolis. The interest is not surprising, because this was one of the iconic late medieval crusader events. Serious preparations were taken. This includes the parade as well. The theme is huge, so the study is going to deal only with Hungary and the western section of the route of the Hungarian troops. The deployment route of the marching battalions/armies is far from being as clarified as one might think. My study attempts to answer the following questions: When did the Western crusaders reach Buda, and when and on what route did they proceed south? When did the Hungarian king and his barons – and with them the Hungarian troops – join the crusaders? How many columns were involved in the advancement? The study shows that Sigismund, after receiving in Buda the Western leaders, made an important diplomatic detour to the Hungarian-Polish border. The arrival of Western leaders to Buda should be placed on the first half of June. After that the study will take into account the possible routes of the Western and Hungarian Crusaders. Another part of the crusader army was the minor army columns which advanced through Transylvania to Wallachia and were led by the faithful baron of the Hungarian king, Voivode Stibor. 


crusade of 1396 King Sigismund of Luxembourg Ottoman Nicopolis Battle of Nicopolis