Certain Connections between Cyber Operations, Artificial Intelligence and Operational Domains

doi: 10.32563/hsz.2021.4.1


The relationship of operational domains with various systems based on artificial intelligence is becoming more  profound and more diverse. The ability to influence decision-making mechanisms can pose serious risks that  need to be identified and interpreted. Cyberspace is the  carrier of artificial intelligence, but the latter as an  operational domain has not yet been identified. The goal of  this study is to examine certain relationships between  cyberspace, artificial intelligence, and operational domains  from a state-will enforcement perspective, using mostly  qualitative tools, combined with quantitative elements. As a  result, this paper finds the need to review defence  doctrines from a cyber operational perspective and  suggests addressing artificial intelligence in a much  broader context, especially in the defence and military  contexts. 


Cyberspace Military Domains Artificial Intelligence Critical Infrastructures


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