Combat Support Armament of the Rapid Forces in the Hungarian Royal Defence Forces

doi: 10.32563/hsz.2021.1.1


Besides the combat-arms assets, the rapid troops of the Royal Hungarian Defence Forces also had field artillery  (light howitzers), air defence artillery and anti-tank guns. The order of battle of the motorised units required the  existence of one (after the autumn of 1941, two) artillery  battalion(s) with vehicle-drawn assets for providing combat  support. The motorised artillery battalions initially had four  batteries with light howitzers, while the armoured divisions  had two motorised artillery battalions. There were two  artillery battalions with four (six) batteries in the mobilised organisation of the cavalry brigades (division). For ensuring defence against air attacks, vehicle-drawn air defence artillery battalions were introduced in the armoured divisions and the 1st Cavalry Division with one light and one heavy battery. Against tank attacks, there were 4–6 anti-tank guns in service used by each of the anti-tank  companies of the infantry and reconnaissance battalions (in the motorised rifle brigades and hussar regiments of the  armoured divisions) and the 1st Cavalry Division. 


Royal Hungarian Defence Forces rapid troops artillery air defence anti-tank gun mechanised warfare