The Armament Industry of Hungary between 1867 and 1945: Always to the Limits of What is Possible

  • Pöcher Harald
doi: 10.32563/hsz.2019.1.ksz.17


There was no significant armament industry in Hungary before the compromise of 1867. After the compromise, Hungary made great efforts to establish weapon factories. This essay gives an overview of the armament industry of Hungary between the years 1867 and 1945. As the essay shows, during the days of the Austrian-Hungarian empire, the Hungarian armament industry offered a wide range of products. After the First World War until the end of the Second World War, the achievements of the Hungarian armament industry show us that it is also possible for a smaller state to operate an efficient armament industry, but only to the limits of what is possible.


armament industry in Hungary Hungarian aircraft factory – Ungarische Flugzeugwerke Hungarian Lloyd Aircraft and Motor Works Corporation Hungarian General Machine Factory Corporation


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