Reorganisation of Municipal Property in the Light of Education Reform

  • Finta Zita
doi: 10.32575/ppb.2022.2.6


In Hungary, the ownership and maintenance of public education institutions have undergone significant changes on several occasions over the past ten years, which have basically meant centralisation processes. The permanent reform of public administration is essential for the development of the modern state. The various crises that affect us today (economically, medically) and the development of technology are forcing the state to make reforms again and again. Their effects increase or decrease the role of the state, depending on the external circumstances, and on the form in which the various
resources are available (for example market-sphere or private sphere resources). The maintaining of educational tasks has also changed several times, and the changes were often generated by economic and international influences in addition to educational and professional issues. The need to manage municipal debt by 2010
has become strongly dominant in the centralisation of education. Breaking away from the regulatory models developed earlier, a completely transformed regulatory environment has emerged.


public administration reform maintainers of public education municipal debt consolidation property


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