The Growing Role of Digital Literacy

  • Budai Balázs
doi: 10.32575/ppb.2022.2.2


Today, the role of digital literacy is increasingly valued as a prerequisite for, among other things, accessing (and delivering) services in the digital ecosystem and for digital economic competitiveness. It is no coincidence that policy makers are placing increasing strategic emphasis on its development. However, it matters what tools are used, because even the best-intentioned solutions can have the opposite effect. This study examines the need for digital literacy development in the current context, its economic, social, EU and national strategic context, and then takes stock of recent (and most useful) attempts at national and EU interventions. Then considers the barriers to possible interventions and proposes intervention points and methods, drawing attention to the likely impacts of implementation and non-implementation.


digital competency resilience Covid-19 pandemic DIMOP DESI Inlcusion Digital inequality Segregation


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