About Bureaucracy – Again

  • Sallai Balázs
doi: 10.32575/ppb.2022.2.3


Today the professional discourse on bureaucratic structures and processes is not closed. The phenomenon of bureaucracy is part of our lives. As Max Weber wrote, society can be known through its bureaucracy. Therefore, one of the most important task of the social sciences is to
research and explore this function. The sociologist Péter D. Forgács after profound research published his German-language monography in 2016 (Hungarian translation: 2019), in which he reinterpreted the concept that Weber, Merton, Crozier, etc. had previously developed, based on the experiences of the 21st century. This paper aims to present the theories of Forgács. The topics of this paper are the differences between public and private sector employees, the relationship between politics and the civil service, corruption, the capacity for reform, the responsibility and phenomena of the civil service and Forgács’ bureaucratic culture circles, i.e. the different bureaucratic cultures of different geographical areas are also discussed.


bureaucracy theory of bureaucracy civil service politics differencies of privacy and public sector administrational reform historical context of administration


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