A Review on Global Homelessness:

An Attempt to Understand the Phenomenon in The Nigerian Context

  • Famous Joseph Aigbolosimon
doi: 10.32575/ppb.2023.3.6


This paper examines global perspectives on homelessness and contributes to scientific knowledge in this area. The work is motivated by my academic and research background particularly my doctoral dissertation. It examines the concept, nature and theories of homelessness from a global perspective to create an understanding of the phenomenon in the Nigerian context. The study reflects the conceptual complexity of homelessness in the light of the criteria that are used to define adequate housing worldwide. It reflects different theoretical dimensions of the study of homelessness including homelessness as a personal pathology, homelessness as a structural dysfunctionality and homelessness as a combination of both. It emphasises the importance of field, recognition
and structuration theories in understanding homelessness. It also highlights the importance of the five structures of ‘relational model’ and ‘critical realism’ in understanding the mechanism of the emergence of homelessness in Nigeria and concludes with some relevant facts and findings.
The study examines homelessness in global and local contexts to examine the conceptualisation and theoretical framework of homelessness along with related findings in a multifaceted sense to understand the phenomenon from different perspectives. The literature is reviewed considering the relevant conceptual background, applied theories, arguments and relevant findings. The study reveals the conceptual and theoretical diversity and reflects on the complexity, heterogeneity and dynamics of the phenomenon around the globe. The conceptual diversity of the phenomenon is a factor of the dynamic theoretical frameworks. They range from personal pathologies to structural
dysfunctionalities to new orthodox and critical realism. In Nigeria, the problem is more structurally influenced than personally influenced. The duality of agency in structuration theory, the (4) model structure and the field of structural relations expand the understanding of the causes of homelessness in Nigeria.


extreme poverty homelessness insurgencies internally displaced rough sleepers street children


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