Arguments and Historical Antitypes of Criminal Law Protection of Public Morality in the System of the Criminal Code of Tresspasses

  • Németh Imre
doi: 10.32575/ppb.2020.3.7


The backgound of the study stems from a conference organized for the 140th anniversary of the first Hungarian Criminal Code on Tresspasses. The article aims to highlight those criminal misdemeanours (tresspasses) which used to cover the protection of public morality, followed by general remarks and thoughts on how public morality influences criminal legislation nowadays in an international context. Thus, the study mainy applies historical method. The article argues, that the criminal legislation also historically take account of those minor offences which endangered public morality, nevertheless nowadays’ international standards for criminalization are very much similar to that methodology which one may discover while srutinizing the first Hungarian Criminal Code on Tresspasses.


criminalization criminal legislation misdemeanours public morality tresspasses