The Legal Institute of Transgressions in the Austrian Penal Code of 1852

  • Szabó Mátyás
doi: 10.32575/ppb.2020.3.9


This study aims to present a concise introduction about the institution of transgressions in the Austrian Penal Code of 1852, related to the 140th anniversary of Act XL of 1879. The archival research was based on the records of the Military and Civil Governorship of the Kingdom of Hungary, the Commission of Organisation of the Imperial Council of Austria (Organisierungskommission des Reichsrats) and the heritage of Austrian codificator Anton Hye. In this study the process of the codification, the structure and main specifics of the Code are going to be observed, as the circumstances and effects of its adoption in Hungary. 


criminal law codification transgression state reformr Habsburg Empire neoabsolutism