Jurisprudence of Administrative Offences with Special Regard to the Situtation in the Capital

  • Illés Kristóf
doi: 10.32575/ppb.2020.3.5


The aim of this paper is to present how the courts of Hungary participate in the application of law related to administrative offences, and to give an insight into the volume and quality of settlements of litigation and non-litigation cases in the capital by analysing statistical data and also to present the upcoming difficulties during the process which is based on the author’s direct legal experience. As a result of the research, it could be stated that in the last years the number of the new cases of the Administrative Offence Group of the Central District Court of Pest has been steadily declining, but the per capita case burden is high. The group in question, where mainly senior court officials work, face a number of challenges. In particular, the shortness of procedural deadlines and the thoroughness of the police’s preparatory procedures for cases related to administrative offences, often lag behind the work done in criminal matters. Nevertheless, the standard of work is high, as evidenced by the fact that the number of pending cases has decreased year by year in recent years, only a small number of orders have been appealed and a high proportion of appealed decisions have been confirmed by the upper tribunal. 


administrative offence case burden on the spot penalty pecuniary penalty senior court official