From the Secret Documents of the Ministry of Justice of the Kingdom of Hungary Part II: The First Decade of the Public Law Interregnum

  • Antal Tamás
doi: 10.32575/ppb.2020.3.11


The author of the present paper examines the archived sources of the history of the former Ministry of Justice of the Kingdom of Hungary after  World War I and during the first decade of the so-called Horthy system. He deals with the connection between the ministry and the state government, the special features of the disciplinary law, the legal status of the minorities living in Hungary as well as the conditions of the actual jurisdiction matters. The activities concerning the implementation of the Peace Treaty of Trianon and some of the diplomatic problems that came up with the neighbour states can also be found in the chapters. One can read supplements to the testament of King Charles IV and the real estates of the ex-royal family, the political carrier of PM Count István Bethlen, and the career of the then ministers of justice taking part in the stabilisation of the post-war public law interregnum under the pressure of the obligations dictated by the former Entente coalition. 


administration of justice Bethlen era system of courts Habsburg family Hungary 1920–1930 Trianon