From the Secret Documents of the Ministry of Justice of the Kingdom of Hungary Part I: War, Revolution, Consolidation

  • Antal Tamás
doi: 10.32575/ppb.2020.3.10


The author of the present paper examines the archived sources of the history of the former Ministry of Justice of the Kingdom of Hungary during and after World War I. This part contains data about the ministerial regulation on the provisory in war conditions as well as the drafted legal norms on the establishment of the institution of regentship for the case when the king cannot perform his duties. The pre-activities concerning the conclusion of the Peace Treaty of Trianon and some of the diplomatic problems that came up with the neighbour states in the same period can also be found in the chapters. One can read supplements to the life of King Charles IV and Count Mihály Károlyi, the fate of the minorities living in Hungary, and the career of the then ministers of justice, especially Vilmos Pál Tomcsányi who took part in the stabilisation of the post-war public law. 


World War I administration of justice People’s Republic Hungary 1918–1920 minorities Trianon