Research Report: ‘Examination of the History of Legal Professions in Jurisdiction and Public Administration’

doi: 10.32575/ppb.2020.3.16


The members of the research group undertook to examine certain segments of the history of the legal professions. Tibor Almási analysed in his paper the judicial practice of the Hungarian seneschals (országbíró, iudex curiae regiae) in the Era of Anjous within the framework of this project, and Janka Teodóra Nagy presented activities of the legal profession in research of folk legal practices. György Kovács dealt with the appearance of legal thinking in economics.
The Act IV of 1869 declared the separation of jurisdiction and public administration in Hungary.
For this reason, Norbert Varga and Máté Pétervári analysed the authority of Lord Lieutenants
(főispán, supreme comes), the formation of districts and the role of district administrators in Hungary in the Age of Dualism. The paper of Mária Homoki-Nagy dealing with the establishment and authority of orphans’ court completed the research of public administration in this project.
László Nánási examined the office of Hungarian public prosecutors after the Second World War, while Gábor Rokolya revealed the history of the notarial office in the same era. László Papp and Mária Homoki-Nagy also analysed the question of judicial liability in practice, but László Papp wrote papers about two extraordinary courts, Court of Oberhofsmarschall (Főudvarnagyi Bíróság) and Court of Judicial Competence in the 20th century.


Hungarian seneschal research of folk legal practices judicial liability public prosecutor’s office after 1945 notary’s office after 1945 district administrators in Hungary Lord Lieutenants in Dualism