Sustainable Public Administration

The Role of Electronisation in Real Estate Registration

  • Varga Márk
doi: 10.32575/ppb.2020.2.5


In my publication I present the changes affecting the process of  recording the legally significant facts of  the registration of real estate rights by describing the historical antecedents, accompanying the main stages of the process as a result of which the Hungarian Land Registry procedure reached its current form. Given that the procedural regulation of  the registration of real estate data, real estate rights and data of rightholders is about to undergo a significant transformation through the much wider use of the electronic procedure toolbox due to a recent project, I consider it important to assess the opportunities of the project under preparation. I describe the requirements that the Electronic Administration Act also sets for the land administration, and which the modern Hungarian Land Registry must  also meet in order to reduce the administrative burden on customers and to simplify the procedure through electronic means, increasing the sustainability of the property registration process.


Land Registry title register electronic administration automatic decision making digitisation sustainability


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