Constitutional Background of the Judicial Review of Administrative Acts

  • Patyi András
  • Köblös Adél


The study deals with the constitutional framework of the judicial review of state administrative act. Although this issue is not new, it is a rather topical one. It is essential to comply with the requirements deriving from the Fundamental Law during the elaboration of the principles and the particular rules of a separate code of judicial review of administrative acts. Therefore it is necessary to clarify the substance of the relevant constitutional provisions. The study aims at presenting this constitutional background with taking into account and analysing the constitutional court’s case law and delineating the significant doctrines set forth in the jurisprudence. This work, which is rather a theoretical one, does not undertake to make proposals for concrete provisions. Instead it sums up the substance of the significant rules of the Fundamental Law in relation with judicial
review of administrative acts: the rule of law principle, the separation of powers, competence of the courts to review administrative acts, right to a fair hearing and right to legal remedy. While in relation with certain aspects of this topic one finds the practice of the Constitutional Court not so crystal-clear or it is in development in fields such as an elaborated case law (e.g. rule of law) and in other relations (e.g. right to a fair hearing). However, the standards depicted in international papers also give a considerable assistance to the legislator in adopting various guarantees.


Separation of powers rule of law right to legal remedy judicial review of administrative acts code of judicial review of administrative acts protection of objective legal order right to a fair hearing


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