Analysing from a Systematic Perspective the Albanian Nationalism in the Ottoman Empire

  • Arpalier Seçkin
  • Hamzaj Irieda
doi: 10.32566/ah.2020.1.5


The Balkan Peninsula was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire for six centuries. This long Ottoman presence and co-existence directly influenced the Balkan peoples in several respects: politics, military, religion, economy, culture, social, demography, art, architecture, state tradition, state institutions and so on. Considering the multiethnic and multireligious structure of the region, the Ottoman Empire was forced to use various regulatory means to have a peaceful and prosperous region. Thus, the Ottoman Empire implemented systems and policies in the Balkans such as “İstimâlet” (tolerance and protection), “Millet”, “Devshirmeh”, “Jizya”, “Çift-Hane”, “Timar”, “Vilayet”, “İskan”. The effect of these policies on the population of the region has been examined on a systematical basis. These types of policies also had an impact on the subsequent development of nationalism in the Balkans. Nationalism in the Balkans began in the early 19th century with the Greek and Serbian uprisings; these uprisings were largely armed, and later spread to other Balkan peoples. In all these developments, Albanian nationalism makes a difference. It is a fact that the rule of the Ottoman Empire has shaped the Albanian nationalism as it has done with all Balkan nationalism. However, the Albanian nationalism was developed under the conditions that the Ottoman Empire established in the region, videlicet on the policies it applied. The nature of the Albanian nationalism differs from the other regional ones in that it is not an aggressive movement and that it developed more on the basis of a cultural awakening. The investigation of the steps that resulted in this variation holds a particular significance For a real understanding of all the mentioned changes one has to know the systems and policies that are to be explained in this study.


Ottoman Empire Albanians Nationalism Administrative System Balkans

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Arpalier, S., & Hamzaj, I. (2020). Analysing from a Systematic Perspective the Albanian Nationalism in the Ottoman Empire. Acta Humana – Emberi Jogi Közlemények, 8(1), 97–110.