Női méltóság és adatvédelem

  • Sziklay Júlia


As a main rule the right to protection of personal data is a “gender-neutral” right. This guarantees equal rights for every person, male or female. Nonetheless, it does not mean that human dignity of women or women’s human dignity has no relevance in the field of data protection. Specific cases prove that the misuse of certain datas might be in close coherence with the gender of the victim. Digital stalking and digital harassment affect many women in Europe. Although the relevant Hungarian statistics show lower numbers, all stakeholders—including the national DPA—have to be aware of the dangers
of the infringements affecting especially young victims.


Női méltóság adatvédelem

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Sziklay, J. (2017). Női méltóság és adatvédelem. Acta Humana – Emberi Jogi Közlemények, 5(3), 71–78. Elérés forrás https://folyoirat.ludovika.hu/index.php/actahumana/article/view/2212


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