A magyar családtámogatási rendszer prioritásai

  • Lentner Csaba
  • Sági Judit
  • Tatay Tibor


The study is focusing on the aims and operational tools of the renewed Hungarian family subsidising system. After depicting the unfavourable tendencies of the demographic layouts, it is mentioning the main elements of the redistribution and subsidy policies, together with their planned efforts. The authors are interpreting the framework of the study and the applicability of the subsidising policy in the possible broadest context of family relations, child carrying and home settlement, which are the inter-connected and cross-accelerating elements of the system.


családtámogatás családok gyarapodása

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Lentner, C., Sági, J., & Tatay, T. (2017). A magyar családtámogatási rendszer prioritásai. Acta Humana – Emberi Jogi Közlemények, 5(3), 37–46. Elérés forrás https://folyoirat.ludovika.hu/index.php/actahumana/article/view/2202


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