The Possibility of Peace between Hamas and Israel

doi: 10.32565/aarms.2021.1.3


This paper investigates the possibility of establishing peace between Hamas and Israel, based on the politicisation model of armed groups that leads eventually to change the violent character of armed groups. The main question is: Can Israel and Hamas have a long-lasting peace to end the conflict in the Gaza Strip?
The main pillars of politicisation are the willingness of warring parties to conclude peace, the existence of a ‘hurting stalemate’, the narrowness of objectives and the ability to guarantee public support. The primary conclusion of this paper is that comprehensive peace is difficult to achieve, but a unique long-term truce ‘Hudna’ is attainable.


Hamas politicisation terrorism Gaza resistance group armed group

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Warikat, F. (2021) “The Possibility of Peace between Hamas and Israel”, AARMS – Academic and Applied Research in Military and Public Management Science. Budapest, 20(1), pp. 43–54. doi: 10.32565/aarms.2021.1.3.


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