Parameter Sensitivity Analysis and Structural Development of an Airliner Lavatory Unit by Means of Finite Element Method

doi: 10.32560/rk.2022.3.9


The current lavatory blocks – which can be found on the board of different airliners – are connected to the aeroplane structure not just through their lower attachments but through their upper ones as well. This upper attachment makes their installation and rearrangement procedures difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, investigations are being carried out to ignore the mentioned attachment together with keeping the requirements. Structural stress analyses have been completed in the present work for the lavatory block without upper attachment using some solutions for increasing the structural integrity, in order to learn the effects of various static loads. The results of the different scenarios are investigated and compared to the outcomes of the lavatory block without upper attachment. In order to get a solution that meets the related safety requirements, parameter-sensitivity analyses of the lavatory structure have been completed. Based on the results of the survey and keeping the targets, the cost-effectiveness, feasibility and possible future tests in mind, a configuration that meets the authority requirements is determined. The advantages and disadvantages of the modifications are discussed, and suggestions are made at the end for the further steps to proceed.


Diehl airliner lavatory blocks sandwich-structured composite quasi-static structural strength analysis

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