Air Transport Projects Quality Assessments by Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)

doi: 10.32560/rk.2022.2.6


The complex environment of aviation created dynamic air transport systems where the quality is vulnerable and directly sensitive to the supply side due to the high strategic level of driven market environments. The significance of quality quantifications has grown rapidly. Calculating quality factors is not a simple task, due to the heterogeneous, inseparable and incomprehensible characteristics of the system. For this purpose, the analytical hierarchy process (AHP) survey was distributed among two groups of 22 experts of pilots and ATCOs and applied by creating a three-level hierarchy model of the air transport supply quality to evaluate and weigh the critical characteristics. In the hierarchical structure, 4 main criteria, 15 first-level sub-criteria, and 12 second-level sub-criteria were used for the air transport supply quality model.


ATCO Air Transport Supply Quality Multi-criteria decision making analytical hierarchy process Pilot

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