The Role of Drones in Enhancing Production Efficiency of Nuclear Facilities

doi: 10.32560/rk.2021.2.10


The huge challenge faced by nuclear power generating facilities at the beginning of the 21st century is to keep producing safe electricity that can compete with the energy produced by other electricity generating sectors. One of the means of overcoming this challenge is related to the increase of generation efficiency, which, naturally, shall not be to the detriment of nuclear safety. This paper describes how the application of drones can contribute to the achievement of competitive operation. To do so, it is necessary to highlight the operation specifics of nuclear power plants and to review special circumstances arising from the application of this technology. In this paper, the reader can get acquainted with another specialised area of drone applications, the appearance of which was, basically, brought to life by an economic aspect.


drone maintenance nuclear power plant efficiency inspection

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Z. Jurás, „The Role of Drones in Enhancing Production Efficiency of Nuclear Facilities”, RepTudKoz, köt. 33, sz. 2, o. 143–152, nov. 2021.


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