Drones in Smart Cities

doi: 10.32560/rk.2021.2.1


Rapid development of information and communication technologies (ICT) in Hungary provides great opportunities for the emergence of smart cities in the years to come. A similar or even a larger-scale development is experienced in the market of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Over the past years, the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) – commonly known as drones – have been demonstrating a rapid expansion not only in the area of government and industry use but in the public sector, as well. A selection of more than 1,700 types of drones is available in almost any of the online stores. The great variety of offered types implies the diversity and possibility of a multi-purpose use, from the agricultural sector through security technology to market/civil services. Wandering a little bit from the point of device dimension and moving into the systems dimension, the integration of devices fulfilling various functions allows to implement costeffective and sustainable complex system, providing a high level of comfort. By weaving two innovative areas for development into each other, one can significantly expand the possibilities of using drones in the everyday life. This article focuses on the description (non-exhaustive) of potential application areas resulting from the integration of drones and smart city technologies, putting particular emphasis on security-related roles and new tasks arising from the operation of smart cities.


UAV ICT smart city UAM cities of tomorrow AAV

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Z. Jurás, „Drones in Smart Cities”, RepTudKoz, köt. 33, sz. 2, o. 7–17, nov. 2021.


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