Questions on the Hungarian Helicopter Force Transformation

doi: 10.32560/rk.2019.3.495


For more than a half a century, the Hungarian Defence Forces have been using helicopters
designed and built in the former Soviet Union. Naturally, operators have gained a lot of experience over the decades, but the whole system has also anchored the pilot training system and maintenance method. Now that the government has decided to procure new western designed helicopters, all of these must be left behind. The Hungarian operators need to learn that new operating philosophy which will definitely pose many challenges toward the pilots and maintainers. In this study, I would like to point out these challenges.


helicopter helicopter force pilot transformation maintenance

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T. Bali, „Questions on the Hungarian Helicopter Force Transformation”, RepTudKoz, köt. 31, sz. 3, o. 65–75, jún. 2020.


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