Fuzzy Logic and its Mechatronics Engineering Applications


In every modern scientific research area the fuzzy sets have great progress. It found many application areas in both practical and theoretical studies from engineering area to health sciences, from computer science to arts and humanities, and from life sciences to physical sciences. Recently, fuzzy sets extensions have been used in many areas such as energy, material, economics and medicine. In this paper, a comprehensive literature review on the fuzzy set theory is considered. This literature review also explains the concept of operation fuzzy sets. In the last section of the paper, I present some researcher works with my interpretations of fuzzy sets.


fuzzy halmazok fuzzy operátorok ipari alkalmazás

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S. Kocak, „ Fuzzy Logic and its Mechatronics Engineering Applications”, RepTudKoz, köt. 29, sz. 2, o. 41–48, aug. 2017.


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