To the Margins of an Unfinished Law

Development Framework for HRM in the Public Service

  • Hazafi Zoltán
  • Ludányi Dávid
doi: 10.32575/ppb.2022.1.5


Act CXXV of 2018 on Government Administration (Kit) brought a paradigm shift in civil service law. It has achieved significant deregulation and decentralisation of public law. Although the Act downsized the career system, it remained indebted to the construction of the new civil service system. It has entrusted employers with the re-regulation of human resource management. The main criticism, therefore, is precisely what is left out of the Act. One of the key challenges for the next government cycle will therefore be to complete the transformation initiated by the Kit. Do this in a spirit that is in line with the legislative objectives of the Act. As the Anglo-Saxon countries applying decentralisation and deregulation tend to progress faster and face potential risks, at first, we examined their system-conform approach towards managing potential risk factors. Based on that, we draw up a long-term HRM developmental framework, which ensures the success of the improvements. Thus, the organizations can utilise the flexibility allowed by the recent decentralisation and deregulation and prepare for mitigating risks simultaneously – this way, greater efficiency is achieved as a result.


civil service law civil service reform Anglo-Saxon model recruitment remuneration model of excellence


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