Human Resources, Office Work, Platform Economy and Value Propositions

What is Interesting and Important in the Post-Covid Recovery?

  • Majó-Petri Zoltán
doi: 10.32575/ppb.2022.1.6


Office work goes back centuries. The office was the framework for the planning, organisation, management and control activities. Through the blurring of office walls, this article provides a theoretical framework for the challenges of office work after Covid-19. In the world of work, changes are pointing towards the emergence of a “new normal”, which can also be used as a toolbox to recover from the crisis. We should simultaneously improve office work in the efficiency – complexity – indispensability coordinate system presented in this article, while learning more and more about generational characteristics and differences. In the context of the transformation of office work, the article also attempts to argue that, in addition to permanent technological innovation, it would be worth focusing on empowering staff through the use of a renewed toolbox of mobility, cognition and understanding.


office work remote work knowledge management


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