A Complex, Generation-Conscious, Demand-Driven Employee Retention Model in the Hungarian Public Administration

  • Csutorás Gábor Ákos
doi: 10.32575/ppb.2022.1.7


Public administration cannot stay away from challenges on the labour market and HR policies related to retention management. In order to treat the issue of employee retention as effectively as possible as an integral part of the Hungarian public administration employment policy, in this work I share my theoretical and empirical research results and my model based on those results. I will start by presenting my results by grouping together the factors influencing employee retention, that have been taken into account in previous scientific studies, and then I briefly describe the strategies that have been used in Hungarian public administration employment policy and practice. Next I outline some results of my survey among employees of Hungarian central and regional government administration, including the most important factors influencing job retention. Finally, on the basis of my theoretical and empirical research, I outline a strategic, complex, generationally conscious, demand-driven retention model for civil servants in Hungarian central and regional government administration, which, through a comprehensive approach will support the development of more effective public service employment policies and the introduction of more appropriate HR policy measures to retain employees.


employee retention retention factors model public administration public service employment policy generation demand-driven


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