The Growing Influence of China in the World Economy

  • Bihari Katalin
doi: 10.32575/ppb.2020.4.3


Without doubt, China has become an essential player of the 21st century world order. In the past decade, Beijing has demonstrated an increasingly stronger involvement in global politics, with a clear intention to shape processes and striving for a leadership position, in economic as well
as political terms. The present paper examines the strategy followed by China with a view to strengthen its economic and geopolitical position. An essential instrument of China’s geopolitical strategy is the Belt and Road Initiative launched in 2015, which is also presented in the study,
together with the international institutions aiming to fulfil the ambitions of Beijing to become a superpower. In addition to analysing the impacts of the above-mentioned measures, the paper also examines certain key factors that can hinder China achieving superpower status.


Belt and Road Kezdeményezés China instututions poverty global economy


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