Prepared, Committed, Dedicated… Competence Requirements of the National Tax and Customs Administration for Career-starters

  • Magasvári Adrienn


Designing and assuring the replacement of the Hungarian public service is a strategic issue. In accordance with the Government’s strategic objectives, the operation of the service state requires sufficient quantity and quality, prepared and committed staff. However, it is also important to see what the public sector organizations are expecting from the career-starters. What competences should the new entrants have if they want to work in the public service (in public administration and in law enforcement)? The paper presents some partial results of an empirical research.
It examines what kind of career-starters wait for the current leaders at the National Tax and Customs Administration and what requirements they expect from beginners. It also raises the problem of generational change, career orientation, integration and retention.


human resource management generation management selection retention of workforce career orientation


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