“I will act for the good of the people and the state” – The Circumstances and Effects of the Cessation of the Administrative Court in 1949

  • Köbel Szilvia
doi: 10.32575/ppb.2019.3.4


This study focuses on the circumstances and effects of the cessation of the Administrative Court in 1949 sourced from archival, parliamentary and relevant literature. We classified the results of the research around three major points. We presented the legislative steps taken around the time the Act II of 1949 got accepted and went into effect. This Act replaced the Administrative Court with a financial and salary arbitration committee and erased the possibility of the judicature. The archive documents revealed that the judges and other employees were placed in a discreditable position. In the study we highlighted, that by the cessation of the Administrative Court, the administrative authorities gained executive power and the majority of misdemeanours previously handled by the district court, were handed over to the police and the administrative authorities.


public administration legal remedy executive power arbitration committee right to complain verification procedures B-list decree criminal jurisdiction by the police and public administration


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