Reforms of the Constitutional Court on Balance

  • Cservák Csaba
doi: 10.32575/ppb.2019.3.1


The new Constitutional Court Act has put a serious shift of emphasis on the function of the Constitutional Court, which has a significant impact on its position in the state governance, furthermore, as a result of the transformation of the institution of constitutional complaints, on the judicial law enforcement, as well. According to the new rules of constitutional complaint, not only the law itself can be appealed by its unconstitutionality, but any court decision for whatever reason violating any fundamental right. This excessively laconic regulation gives the Constitutional Court a great margin for manoeuvring. Based on the current practice, it is argued increasingly that there is a need for a list of legal requirements when a constitutional complaint can be lodged. In my opinion, the existence of a constitutional complaint would be justified in case of loopholes in particular.


Constitutional Courts Members of Constitutional Court Constitutional Complaint Constitutional Courts and Ordinary Courts


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