The Psychological Effects of the “Immigrant Situation” Policy

  • Farkas Johanna


The psychologist authors, members of a Ludovika research group study the psychological effects affecting police officers and their consequences. In this study, they analysed the effects of the sources of stress experienced during a team strong activity occurred during illegal migration. Topically, they focused on the sources of stress from the outside world and their aim was to study the consequent changes in the individuals’ behaviour on an academic level. They studied the psychological consequences occurred in connection with handling the “immigrant situation” through unique questionnaires based on individual interviews. According to their results, the workplace stress encountered by the police officers affected their private lives which caused psychological unbalance. Based on the experience in psychological effects on the police officers, they have set research guidelines that could help the psychological support to public officers in case they are implemented. Also, they have phrased recommendations to do so.


command illegal migration psychological consequences policing stress


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