Cybersecurity Challenges of the Civilian Unmanned Aircraft Systems

doi: 10.32567/hm.2022.2.14


Nowadays unmanned aircrafts are widely available at a reasonable price for civilians. This change in the market raises cybersecurity related concerns. In this paper we are
focusing on three aspects of the cybersecurity challenges: data protection element, cyberattack element and general concerns over drones from the Asian market. The first element is extremely important when it comes to ethical and rightful drone use. A drone fitted with a camera or a video recording device can easily violate personal data. The cyberattack element aims to make sure the user understands that their device can be hacked, and not just simply the drone itself but various devices connected to them. Lastly, we are focusing on raising awareness of using drones from the Asian market. These types of products sometimes get into the spotlight due to built-in cyberissues. This part is aimed to raise general awareness over data protection coming from third party device use.


cybersecurity drones UAV data protection civil drone use

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