The Right to Seek Asylum of ‘Climate Refugees’

  • Horváth Valéria
doi: 10.32566/ah.2021.1.8


Although the issue of climate change mitigation and adaptation is fortunately evermore widely discussed, the problems facing ‘climate refugees’ only appears sporadically in the discussions adding to the current confusion. Taking recent and forecasted trends into account, the UN declares that states have serious moral obligations to provide humanitarian protection to all those displaced. The question which the international community and international lawyers face is whether states have more than just a moral obligation to provide protection. In this paper I will assess whether or not there are any roots in the various sources of international law – such as conventional law, customary international law, or the fundamental principles of international law – for the legal definition of ‘climate refugees’.


climate refugees climate displacement migration climate change

Hogyan kell idézni

Horváth, V. (2021). The Right to Seek Asylum of ‘Climate Refugees’. Acta Humana – Emberi Jogi Közlemények, 9(1), 119–136.