The Balance of Power System of the Middle East

doi: 10.32565/aarms.2020.2.1


Since the onset of the Arab Spring, there has been a growing interest in the changing balance of power of the Middle East. The balance of power theory in global context has been extensively studied. However, little research has been dedicated to the theory’s  applicability solely at the regional level, especially with the contemporary Middle East in focus, while the region is suffering from armed conflicts involving virtually all the regional states as well as the great powers and many different non-state actors. This paper is an  attempt to shed light on the applicability of the balance of power concept and the theory of omnibalancing in relation to the Middle  East through reviewing the relevant literature. 


balance of power Middle East omnibalancing foreign intervention proxy war

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Selján, P. (2021) “The Balance of Power System of the Middle East”, AARMS – Academic and Applied Research in Military and Public Management Science. Budapest, 19(2), pp. 5–17. doi: 10.32565/aarms.2020.2.1.