Interoperability Services Supporting Information Exchange Between Cybersecurity Organisations

  • Munk Sándor


The security of cyberspace can be ensured by a broad cooperation of different organizations, actors. This cooperation cannot be achieved without interoperable information exchange between cybersecurity actors, organisations, and their IT systems. Interoperable information exchange can be realized using own resources, or using services provided by third parties. IT interoperability service can be defined as a service by which a service provider supports interoperable data exchange between IT systems of service consumers and cooperating actors. This publication provides different categorizations of interoperability services, discusses their benefits, and the necessary user tasks. It determines the types of interoperability service providers and their necessary capabilities. Finally, it defines the special requirements of cybersecurity information exchange and presents the main types of required services.


interoperability cybersecurity organisations interoperable information exchange IT services

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Munk, S. (2018) “Interoperability Services Supporting Information Exchange Between Cybersecurity Organisations”, AARMS – Academic and Applied Research in Military and Public Management Science. Budapest, 17(3), pp. 131–148. Available at: (Accessed: 26 October 2021).


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