The “Evolution” of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) in the Light of Technical Development

doi: 10.32562/mkk.2022.1.4


In today’s conflicts of war, the various bombings, which are perpetrated against military or civilian targets, have been directed against members of the regular armies considered to be “occupying”, as well as against the locals who collaborated with them or assisted them. In the military, such acts are mentioned as an element of asymmetric warfare, and on various interpretations, they are sometimes classified as a terrorist acts. In case of “peaceful” countries, it can only be interpreted according to the latter concept, which can be aimed at a specific person, political orientation, intimidation, revenge or other criminal activity. The explosive devices used fall into the so-called “home-made” category in terms of their design. The assassin’s primary purpose is to achieve a devastating effect. In this article I deal primarily with improvised explosive devices appearing in so-called “civilian” life.


improvised explosive devices IED trigger