Warfare Ecology Approaches in Issues of Military Operations

doi: 10.32567/hm.2020.2.7


The fulfilment of environmental protection requirements and social expectations has become a requirement in the field of military operations as well. Impacts that threaten the ecosystems increasingly occur during the activities of the armed forces and military operations. A recently created new field of science, the ecology of warfare, investigates the military, the support systems for the armed forces and national defence, and their relation to the environment as living systems above the level of the individual (like human ecology). Ecology of warfare examines habitats, the relationship between organisms and the environment in the military field. The capability-based, mission-based, coordinated (target, place and time) ability to use military forces has an impact on the ecology. The analysis of the place and role of military operations from the perspective of the ecology of warfare is an important, timely issue. In the study, the author analyses the tasks required for planning, organising and conducting a military operation and their relationship to environmental protection.


ecology of warfare environmental protection military operations

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Leskó, G. (2020). Warfare Ecology Approaches in Issues of Military Operations. Hadmérnök, 15(2), 93–101. https://doi.org/10.32567/hm.2020.2.7