The investigation of accidents occurring during high- or low-angle rope rescue, due to peculiarities and specific circumstances provides us with extraordinary lessons learnt, so that we can disregard the template-like content of minutes taken on work accidents, and used up-to-date analysis methods avoiding subjectivity, like  next generation Visual Risk Assessment software and tool, the Bowtie Method  (BowTieXP). The analysis of different risks was performed using up-to date accident  investigation methods in order to fully analyse the cause and effect  circumstances from all sides. It can be seen after the analysis of the case that  human role is fundamental in the occurrence of the accident, since, substantially; a  human error caused the accident. The Human Error of the commander and the  rope rescuer strengthened the causes of the occurrence of the accident, which was  strengthened by environmental, procedural, training and technical factors. 


Rope Rescue Accident BowTie Method

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Jackovics, P., & Kovács, T. (2018). INVESTIGATING A ROPE RESCUE ACCIDENT. Hadmérnök, 13(2), 171–181. Elérés forrás