Special Features of the Russian– Ukrainian Armed Conflict

doi: 10.32567/hm.2020.1.14


Russia’s position in the ex-soviet region as a country with natural geopolitical interest toward neutrality and/or alliance with neighbouring states is in direct confrontation with Western European and U.S. ambitions in that region. Ukraine always represented a red line for Russia, who decided to act to preserve its regional interests. Russia intervened in a very uncommon way, utilising the new generation warfare. The article analyses the special features of the Russo–Ukrainian war in Eastern Ukraine.


Ukraine hybrid warfare Russian intervention

Hogyan kell idézni

Őze, Z. (2020). Special Features of the Russian– Ukrainian Armed Conflict. Hadmérnök, 15(1), 207–220. https://doi.org/10.32567/hm.2020.1.14