The Complexity and Methods of Citizen Emergency Preparedness


Every citizen has the right to know the dangers in his/her surroundings, to master the applicable rules of protection and behavioral norms. He/she has the right and the duty to contribute to disaster relief also. This involves as well as requires public hazard education and real-time public hazard communication. Education and communication can save lives. Before, during and after the damage event, the population must be provided with information, guidance, moreover, its interpretation and effective implementation has to be educated.
In this publication, the author attempts to present the current inquiries and information gathering methods. Taking into account the legal background, he analyzes the basic requirements and rules of domestic hazard education in prevention, preparation, defense (intervention), restitution and reconstruction periods. He gives suggestions to enhance current content of methods for improving the population’s self-rescue skills and for improving public hazard education.
„The work was created in commission of the National University of Public Service under the priority project KÖFOP-2.1.2-VEKOP-15-2016-00001 titled „Public Service Development Establishing Good Governance” in István Egyed Postdoctoral Program.”


disaster management public hazard education disaster management cycle social media

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Teknős, L. (2018). The Complexity and Methods of Citizen Emergency Preparedness. Hadmérnök, 13(3), 306–325. Elérés forrás