The Behaviour of Nuclear Fuel During Severe Accident Processes


The issue of safety is paramount for nuclear power plants. The lessons learnt from previous nuclear accidents and the achievements in modern science and technologies drive nuclear professionals to attempt further reducing the already low probability of nuclear accidents. A significant component of these efforts is to continuously perform risk analyses and model emergency situations on the currently operating power plants, which can contribute to nuclear safety enhancement.

In the following I present such an example from the Paks nuclear power plant. This article highlights the importance of prompt and correct decision-making during different types of emergency situations, and as a result, what is the significance of a welltimed flooding in case of a core-melt accident.


accident management fuel melt core damage intervention time core flooding

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Manga, L. (2018). The Behaviour of Nuclear Fuel During Severe Accident Processes. Hadmérnök, 13(3), 236–249. Elérés forrás