How to Analyze Traffic Waves


The main problem with city traffic is the vehicles stuck in the junctions. The network disturbances cause the problem. The network disturbance has significant effect from disaster prevention point of view. In case of disturbance the critic infrastructure has an effect on the economic process, the social prosperity, the public health, the public safety.
It is vital to recover the traffic flow on the critic infrastructure as soon as possible in this case. I suppose if the disturbance happen in downtown, where there is signalized junction, then this problem can be treated with signal program. When happen an unexpected event on the network then appear a wave which disturbs the traffic flow. This wave is called oscillation and arises only in queue. The wave spread speed about 15 to 19 kilometers per hour according the measuring method.
In my article I analyzed wave propagation speed with three different methods, which brought different results. To analyze the traffic wave propagation process, we must have a reliable analyzing method. Whether which method the more reliable? I want to give an answer to this question with my investigation.


oscillation traffic dense traffic congestion traffic wave propagation

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